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Elements of strengthening bilateral ties between the University and industry in a variety of strategic partnerships is a chain of efforts to strengthen the role of universities, which is not limited to the discovery of knowledge but as a source of reference and one-stop centre for the industry players and community in research, consultation, commercialization, innovation and the sharing of expertise from UPM.

This is in line with the role of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor's office (Industry and Community Relations) which is to coordinate and enhance the strategic collaboration with industry players and community in order to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning, research, extensions and services. With the spirit of "With Knowledge We Serve" , the role is performed by the Centre for Industry Relations and Networks (CiRNeT).

The role of CiRNeT is to coordinate the scope of industry development at the university level. Some of the activities as below:

  • To enhance strategic collaboration which provide value added to the university especially in the scope of Income Generation and Industry Penetrations stated in the Key Performance Indicators.


  • To facilitate industrial collaboration activities such as training, internship placement and industry networking.



Updated:: 09/03/2021


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