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Industrial Training : Dagam Farm, Korea



This program with Dagam Farm, South Korea has started in 2014. On 12 April 2017, UPM signed an MoU with Dagam Farm to create this program in hemp and has agreed to place UPM students on this farm for 3 months each year.

Dagam Farm is located in Changwon, South Korea, which is about 30km from the city of Busan and was established in 1936. The main product of this farm is the production of Bananas (Persimmons) with large scale and high technology. Apart from that, the farm also produces paddy, strawberries, potatoes, watermelons, plums and vegetables as well as downstream products.

Apart from the production of agricultural products, the farm is quite popular among tourists from inside and outside Korea as a center for agricultural education that uses the concept of Agro-Education-Tourism (Agro-EduTourism).

Through this MoU, Dagam Farm will accept UPM students from:

  1. Agriculture,
  2. Forestry,
  3. Engineering,
  4. Environment, as well
  5. other fields suitable for undergoing Industrial Training with them.

These students will be provided with accommodation as well as receive a monthly subsistence allowance as long as they are in Korea.

Students interested in experiencing Industrial Training with Dagam Farm can contact CiRNeT for more information.



Updated:: 03/08/2021


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